Slimbo Laxative are pleasant low-calorie soft candies with orange aroma and natural ingredients, which have a strong laxative effect due to the extracts of hay and buckwheat.
They contain dietary fiber – inulin, from the group of polysaccharides, which: help regulate blood sugar levels, reduce blood cholesterol levels, normalize carbohydrate and fat metabolism in overweight people, improve the absorption of calcium in the body.
Senna is an herb with a strong laxative effect, improves peristalsis and has a positive effect on hemorrhoids and fissures. It is also recommended against anemia, atherosclerosis and others.
Buckwheat bark also has a laxative effect, which occurs quickly and improves peristalsis without irritating the small intestine. Helps speed up metabolism and burn fat.
The candies were awarded the Food Innovation Prize at the IEI International Innovation Exhibition – Geneva, Switzerland in 2011.
  • Package:package / box
  • Number of candies in a package:11 / 12
  • Net packaging (kg):0,06 / 0,06
  • Number of packages in a carton:24/16