DEO aroma candy – flavoring hard candies with citronella
oil The essential oil of citronella has a fresh and rich aroma of rose, with a pronounced citrus accord, which after consumption neutralizes the unpleasant body odor during intense physical activity. The effect is related to the metabolism and body weight of the consumer. For example, in a person weighing 65 kg, the effect is noticeable when consuming 6 mg of citronella oil and lasts about 2-4 hours.
The stimulating effect of the oil supports blood circulation, digestion, acts as a diuretic and tones the nervous system.
It is also popular as a natural repellent. Its inherent properties to repel and repel insects are one of the most commonly used applications of citronella oil.

  • Tastes:Citronella
  • Package:Packet
  • Net packaging (kg):70 gr
  • Number of packages in a carton:24