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  1. Taurine – functional properties:


Taurine is an organic acid and accounts for approximately 0.1% of total human body weight. It acts like an antioxidant. It helps for regulation of blood sugar level. Normalizes the intracellular exchange of potassium and sodium. Normalizes the rheological properties of blood.


  1. Guarana:


Guarana is a unique Brazilian plant, known among the Indians as “elixir of youth”. It is used as stimulating and strengthening source, as well as aphrodisiac. It keeps people up and active for 4-6 hours. Accelerates the hydrolysis of fats and metabolic processes, improves the blood flow to the brain.


  1. Caffeine:


Caffeine is stimulates and regulates the process in the central nerve system. It increases the motor activity. It has a stimulating effect on the physical and intellectual working capacity.