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Vitamin B6, also known as pyridoxine, a part of the water-soluble vitamins of the B - complex . Unutilized portion of it is excreted from the body within 8 hours after dosing and like other B vitamins required by obtaining whole foods or supplements. Vitamin B6 promotes proper assimilation of fats and proteins and contributes to transformation of tryptophan (an essential amino acid) to niacin (vitamin B3). Pyridoxine is needed for the formation of antibodies and red blood cells. Alcohol, caffeine, birth control pills, canning and thermal processing of food, radiation and estrogen can cause destruction to pyridoxine or limit the absorption it. Lack of vitamin B6 causes damage to the immune system, skin and lead to mental confusion. According to some studies alcohol abuse and prolonged intake of oral contraceptives also cause deficiency of vitamin B6. Established a direct correlation between lack of vitamin B6 in plasma and tissues and obesity. Therefore, it is prescribed in higher in weight loss diets. Of all the B vitamins, vitamin B6 is important for the complete absorption of energy from carbohydrates and consequently the growth of the body for his role in the process of metabolism and assimilation of amino acids. Other beneficial effects of vitamin B6 are relieving nausea and reducing problems associated with dryness of the mouth and difficulty in urination. Associated with steroid receptors, and may be used in complex therapy for breast cancer or prostate cancer. It has been found that administration of the elderly, higher doses may be reduced by 67% the risk of heart disease. Vitamin B6 may also reduce the need for insulin in diabetic patients, but if the dose does not comply could obtain a decrease in blood glucose levels. Suffering from arthritis should also have to take B6. Pyridoxine operates optimally in combination with other vitamins of the B group, vitamin C, and magnesium. Vitamin B6 is found in many foods, mainly meat, cereals, vegetables and nuts, brewer's yeast, egg yolks, liver. Relatively resistant to heat treatment, but the cooking of waste was 20-40 % of it, depending on the vitamin Gorman. In vegetables is lost, at least in its processing, because they contain much more stable form of vitamin B6.