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It helps the cells to multiply. Is needed for the formation of the placenta and the construction of the bone marrow of the embryo. The best source is raw green vegetables - lettuce , spinach , peas , parsley, broccoli. Folic acid has the bread , liver, soft cheeses , citrus fruits , oatmeal , wheat germ . In some countries, folic acid is used as a food additive in the production of pasta.

Adequate consumption of folic acid reduce the risk of birth defects in the baby 70% by contributing to the proper development of the spinal cord , the brain , the formation of DNA and the proper development of the cells. The vitamin has a positive impact on the body of the mother - tones and reduces the levels of stress hormones. Particularly useful for women prone to anemia.

The large number of derivatives of compounds with similar biological activity , termed folates , are involved in a number of enzymes involved in the synthesis of a large number of amino acids and nucleotides , and thus they play a key role in the synthesis of deoxyribonucleic and ribonucleic acid ( RNA and DNA ), which define cell division. Folate is found in various foods, but most of them rich liver . They come in dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach, rhubarb , lettuce and other wheat germ , yeast , egg yolk, whole-grain bread , beetroot .

Since the body does not produce vitamins , it must be obtained mostly through food or tablets . Folic acid is the only nutrient in which the needs of pregnant women increased twice . Required amount in pregnant women is 400 micrograms ( 0.4 milligrams ) daily.

Folic acid deficiency in the body causes disturbances of cell division, most prominently in the rapidly regenerating ( recovering ) tissues. A deficiency of this vitamin , with vitamin B12 deficiency lead to disturbances in the formation of red blood cells in the spinal cord and megaloblastic anemia ; may cause disorders in myelin sheaths of the peripheral nerves , and degenerative changes in the spinal cord. Folate deficiency is particularly dangerous in the first two months of pregnancy women , as even moderate deficiency increases the risk of developmental disorders of neural tube and fetal malformations, commonly called . Spina bifida ; also premature separation of the placenta, abortion.

It is difficult to reach a sufficient intake of vitamin through this food, especially during pregnancy , when it needs to be double - high , since no specific rich dietary sources of folic acid ( with the exception of the liver) . Therefore, for the avoidance of folic acid deficiency in the critical first months of pregnancy and reduce the risk of congenital birth defects , women who plan to become pregnant are advised to take extra folic acid supplementation . It has been found that folate deficiency increases the risk of certain types of cancer , which is associated with the synthesis of DNA ineffective and disruption of cell physiology and structure . Folate deficiency is most often associated with a higher incidence of cancer of the colon. On the other hand , for the propagation of certain malignant cells also need vitamin B9. On this basis, acting powerful anticancer drug methotrexate. It blocks folates in some tumor cells. Cancer patients should not take this vitamin without consulting your doctor. Folic acid , together with vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 play an important role in the metabolism of sulfur -containing amino acid methionine , and their deficiency results in accumulation of homocysteine ​​bioproduct that causes changes in atherosclerotic blood vessels. It has been found that the scarcity of these three vitamins in the body leads to an increase in the risk of cardiovascular disease , including coronary heart disease and stroke. Folic acid is of low toxicity , but is not recommended to take large amounts of vitamins , since they can mask existing vitamin B12 deficiency due to related functions of both vitamins .