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Due to the essential oil has antiseptic drugs, anesthetic, anti-inflammatory and vasoconstrictor activity.
In the form of a setting or a decoction or eucalyptus essential oil eucalyptus are used for inhalations in inflammatory diseases of the throat, in tracheitis, bronchitis, abscess and necrosis of the lung. Indoor use a decoction of the leaves as an expectorant and antiseptic agent in chronic bronchitis. A decoction of leaves of eucalyptus is used externally in the form of a poultice or rinsing of purulent wounds, abscesses, phlegmons, and washes in gynecological practice. Eucalyptus oil is used for coating the nasal mucosa (2:100 in sunflower oil) in the cold, influenza and the like. And for the treatment of various suppurative skin diseases.