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Mint is used to treat stomach aches, chest pain /as tea/. Tough, sharp flavor and scent of mint is sometimes used as a mild decongestant for illnesses such as colds. Mint tea is a strong diuretic.
Peppermint is used as antipruritik / alleviates itching /, especially for treatment of insect bite / frequently with camphor /. Peppermint oil helps against nausea, flatulence (intestinal gas).
Mint regained appetite, relieves spasms in the digestive tract. Should be taken in small doses / as tea /. Mentha herb is suitable for the treatment of biliary tract disease, chronic pancreatitis, cholelithiasis, disorder, and has anti-inflammatory and choleretic effect. Peppermint is used in the treatment of upper respiratory tract bronchitis. Antiseptic and analgesic. Menthol is a component of many drugs for cardiovascular diseases.