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Famous family lipped sage, called by the people more noble or garden sage, royal sage, muscat grass, or clary sage, comes from southern Europe and the country is sown in gardens.

The colors of the garden sage is mostly used for gargling or to make vinegar (a handful of flowers soaking in natural vinegar), which at a long illness used for beneficial and revitalizing rub. The leaves are harvested before flowering in May and June. As in sunny, dry days the plant develops essential oils, the leaves are harvested only when the sun, it's best to be at noon, and dried in the shade.

  However more healing from Polish Sage is the aforementioned noble or garden sage. Sage was highly appreciated healing plant since our ancestors.

Frequent drinking of sage tea strengthens the body, prevents strokes and works very well with paralysis. Along with lavender, it is the only herb that helps with night sweats. It refutes the disease, which causes night sweats through vitalizing forces drove it greatest weakness caused by this affliction. Many doctors already realized the best qualities of sage: they used it with great success in spasms, spinal cord disease, endocrine and Tremors. For these diseases are daily drink two cups of tea sips. The tea is great and reflects a sick liver, removes gases and other symptoms associated with liver disorders. It works blood purification, promote sputum from the respiratory tract and stomach, stimulates appetite and removes intestinal disorders and diarrhea. Insect stings imposed crushed leaves of sage.

           External sage tea is especially recommended for any tonsillitis, sore throat, purulent foci teeth, inflammation of the pharynx and oral cavity. Many children and adults would come to tonsillectomy if time had begun with sage. If you no tonsils that a police stop and process toxic substances, then these poisonous substances directly affect the kidneys. Infusions of sage helps with bleeding and shaking teeth periodontal disease and ulcerations on the gum. It gargle or cotton balls soaked in it imposed on those places. For people with weak nerves and women with sick stomach is very important to do sometimes sitz baths with sage.