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DEO Citronella with sugar

Packet-citronella-Deo-3D-70g The essential oil of citronella has fresh and rich rose aroma, with strong and distinguished citrus note, which is released through the skin and neutralizes the body odors of intense physical activity. The stimulating effect of citronella essential oilhelps the blood stream anddigestion, acts as a diuretic and strengthens the nervous system.Also, it is a popular natural repellent. This is one of the most frequently used properties of citronella essential oil, as it repels and keeps away insects. The body weight and the metabolism of the consumer are also important. For example, if a person weighs 65kg, the effect is noticeable when consuming 6 mg of citronella essential oil (approximately one candy) and it lasts about 2 -4 hours.


Additional Info

  • Flavors: Citronella
  • Packaging unit: Pack
  • Cartom weight: 70 gr
  • Packs per carton: 24