Inovative candy factory

ALPI Candy Factory is established in 1995. Since October 2001 the factory operates in its new plant building of 5300 sq.m., equipped with new and upgraded menufacturing facilities.


ALPI is a leading Bulgarian company with 18-years traditions in the production and trade of more than 30 different kinds of candies. The greatest aim of the company is the implanting of the latest achievements of Bulgarian science in the manufacturing process and using materials of a new generation. That's why the factory work with its own unique technologies, developed in close collaboration with specialists from the UNIVERSITY OF FOOD TECHNOLOGIES, Plovdiv, department "Sugar and Confectioneries", headed by Prof. D.Hadjikinov.


The factory has two main directions in its variety of products - traditional and functional foods.

Traditional product list includes a great variety of hard-boiled candies, toffees, bubble gums, cereal nut candies and bars, etc.

The company's priority is focused on production of functional foods, as well known as nutricosmetics - it is the present and the future of the company to give to the customers best health and care.


Among ALPI's functional products are DEO - aroma candy, X3 line, Slimbo - losing weight toffee, Herbal candies with menthol and eucalyptus - hard boiled and toffees, etc.


ALPI products are presented on many exhibitions all over the world. They are known by their traditional high quality, which is proved by the numerous awards and medals, received at many national and international exhibitions and fairs - Golden Medals at the International Fair Plovdiv - 1997, 2002, 2005 and 2007, Golden Medals at the exhibitions "East-West Euro Intellect" in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, "Best goods and services on Riussian market" and "ARHIMED-2001" in Moscow, Russia, Grand Prix at America's Grandest Invention Show "INPEX XVIII", Pittsburgh, USA and other.


Among the best ALPI's clients on the domestic market are almost all multinatinal hypermarket chains with a presence in Bulgaria - Kaufland, Billa, Penny Market, T-Market, Hit Hypermarkets and other. 


Main company's exporting destinations are Croatia, Greece, Georgia, Kosovo, Moldova, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Lithuania, Czech Republic, UK, Germany, USA, Australia, China, South Korea, DPR Korea, Armenia, Turkey, Iraq, Libya, Azerbaijan, Singapore, Southern Africa, etc.


The company is also working under Private label. Company's own printing house allows te company to be flexible in meeting all the client's demands regarding their own branded products.